Our short series of BBQ tips has proved popular. We’ve looked at getting the right cooking temperature and also why food preparation is vital. Now in the final Tip-piece we look at how you can achieve the right results when having a BBQ.

Achieving the right results  

Charcoal or Gas?  Most first time BBQ’ers buy a simple, even disposable, charcoal grill but gas grills can now be obtained for under £50. Gas is simpler to use and more controllable while charcoal is more traditional and does adds that essential BBQ taste. A simple guide is ‘gas for ease’ and ‘charcoal for taste’.

Choosing a theme can also add to the occasion. Events like the Football and the Brazilian Olympics this year are perfect – plus it also helps that they have great wine and beer too!  You can also create some Barbi-theatre, by ‘fanning-the-flames’. Quickly press down on meats or poultry with a long-handled spatula to release natural fats, causing a brief ‘flare-up’. Please take great care when attempting and keep all clothing well clear and never attempt to enhance effect by adding extra oil.

And don’t forget Safety First.  Position your BBQ on level ground, well away from hedges, fences, or overhanging shrubbery. When lighting charcoal, only use proper BBQ lighter fuel, petrol or other flammable liquids should never be used. If using gas, ensure the grill lights immediately and if it fails, turn off gas, leave for a few minutes and try again. Also ensure you have sufficient gas for the planned cook – running out half way through is never a good idea.

You can go back and read the other two Tip pieces by clicking here for: getting the right cooking temperature and here for why food preparation is vital.

And of course any BBQ starts with obtaining the best meat, and that’s where the team here at Wyatts butchers can help; as we’ve always got the best produce in the county and at really competitive prices.